We want to provide real experiences of the world. If there is anything you wish to include in your program, donít hesitate in asking us.

Our tours are sustainable, meaning that we try to minimise wastage, any externalities that may affect the region, and also reduce cost for the consumer. We ask you to show a level of respect for the countries that you visit.


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Frequently Ask Questions

Can I pay by credit card?

Can you guarantee the success of the tour?

Do I need a VISA for travel?

Do I need vaccinations for my trip?

Can I change money before my journey?

Where is my local embassy?

What clothes do I need to bring?

Do I need to speak the local language?

Is it safe?

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you can pay the deposit with credit card via Bank Transfer or PayPal and on arrival to your destination you can pay the outstanding amount to our representative by credit card.

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Can you guarantee the success of the tour?
We work on a transparent basis and we want no unnecessary surprises for our clients. We do what we say and hope that all goes according to the program. However, one must understand that there are many aspects to a journey and we canít always guarantee that the tour will reflect the organised tour plan exactly. Many things are beyond our control. We recommend that you come to South Asia with a good sense of humour, some patience and an open mind.

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Do I need a VISA for travel?
All countries in our tour programs require VISA to enter. For Nepal and the Maldives you can get a VISA on arrival depending on the duration of stay. For India, Bhutan and Bhutan you need a VISA prior to your visit and for Sri Lanka you must obtain an ETA permit prior to your visit. For Tibet the process is somewhat longer and we will talk you through this in the planning process.

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Do I need vaccinations for my trip?
All depends on where you are travelling to. We recommend to be sure, as each personís medical differs, that you speak with your local GP to clarify which vaccinations you have had and whether you need top-ups. Speak with one of our specialists for more information

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Can I change money before my journey?
Indiaís currency for example is a closed currency and exchange can only be done inside of the borders. USD and EURO are commonly accepted currencies, and for todayís exchange rates just visit www.xe.com

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Where is my local embassy?
You can find this information by going google search or we will happily send you all the information on planning your journey.

My passport is almost out of date!

We recommend that your passport is in date with at least 6 months before the expiry date.

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What clothes do I need to bring?
All will depend on when you are travelling and more importantly, where. If you go to North India in December, it will be a temperate climate with warm days and cool nights. If you go to the Maldives then the temperature is warm all year round. If you go to Tibet, you will be at a high altitude and thus will need warm layers. We recommend you speak with your specialist about what to bring.

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Do I need to speak the local language?
English is commonly spoken in all of the countries that we offer in our tour packages, to varying levels. Learning a small amount of the local language or dialect is always recommended and shows a mark of respect for the local population, and will certainly act in your favour when bartering for souvenirs.

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Is it safe?
We are utterly sure that 99% of the places in the destinations we offer are safe. South Asia is generally a safe and secure place to be, but as always we recommend that you take out insurance prior to your visit, that you plan accordingly and donít take unnecessary risks like walking alone at night or sleeping in the train station. If you need country-specific information, ask one of our specialists.

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Totally Tailor-made

Your holiday is 100% designed to fit your requirements.

We have patience so that you can explore and ask anything, anytime.

Select options that fit your tastes and budget.

Work with our team to create the best possible holiday.

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Our team and affiliates are natives, experts or extensive travelers.

The same operator will handle your trip from start to finish.

Your ideas with our expertise create the perfect combination.

Always Available

We make ourselves available to contact 24x7.

We can organise a mobile phone for you if necessary.



We belong to IATO, RATO and UFTAA

Our infrastructure has been in place for over 18 years.

We aim to do exactly what we say in the tour booking process and on the actual trip.

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